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The Great Wimbledon Grunt Debate

There you are enjoying your strawberries and cream in the Wimbledon sunshine, when suddenly out of nowhere, a “blood -curdling scream” comes resounding out of Centre Court. Is it a terrorist attack or even Cliff Richard offering to sing to the audience again? Then you remember Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams are playing each other. …

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Moving Targets and Massive Volume: Brands Must Distill Intelligent Insights

Attensity has been a leader in customer insights analytics for over 14 years.  Our task has been turned on its head in the past few years by social media. Our background has been analyzing surveys and call center interactions where engagement with your customer was confined to question and answer. Now, it’s a 24/7/365 firehose …

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Agile Marketers: Rethink Data-Driven with Consumer Sentiments

In marketing dreamland, there has been a big shift around segmentation and personalization. How do we optimize our messaging with the objective of increasing response rates with relevancy?  We’re ecstatic that the rise of technology has enabled us to deliver tools for demographic and some behavioral segmentation. But is this enough to engage today’s buyers? …

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