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Finding Business Intelligence in Unstructured Data

Big Data is getting a lot of attention these days, and rightfully so—the rapid increase in the digitization of information and the channels by which it is relayed caused a deluge of data. And while too much information can be a good problem to have, finding ways to extract business intelligence insights (i.e., making sense …

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Bridging the Brand Equity Gap for B2B Enterprises

When it comes to business marketing, business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing tends to have all the fun. This usually stems from the fact that a business’s consumer-related successes and failures (especially with the advent of social media) are easier to measure, are more tangible, and can be assessed in real time. Further, the B2C realm also has …

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Total Recall: How Social Insights Helped Uncover One of the Largest Defective Product Cover-ups in Recent History

As any good business knows, filtering through the “noise” (aka the millions of daily social posts) for relevant business intelligence data can be like sipping from a fire hose. As an analytics leader for nearly 15 years, Attensity has been trusted with countless insights into products, services, and customer satisfaction—or dissatisfaction. The automotive world was …

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