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Wrapping Up The World Cup

We’ve been tracking various World Cup topics to see if we could uncover how people feel about various teams and events. We wrote about the top 8 teams; when there were four remaining, we wrote about them and even looked at the social media tealeaves in German to see what people were saying about their own team and matches in general.

After an epic match yesterday, Spain beat out Germany (condolences to our German colleagues!) As things reached a fever pitch, the two teams split the crowd in conversation, with Spain at a slight advantage over Germany for the first time during the Champtionship (well, they did win after all!)

How did people feel about the two teams yesterday? Sentiment breakdown shows us that the crowds spoke more positively about the Spanish team. Of the positive sentiment generated by both teams, Spain owned 55% of it, while Germany owned 45% of it. In negatively sentimented chatter, Germany owned 51% of the total, and Spain owned 49% of the total conversation.

Because we track social media in 16 languages, and (did I mention?) half of us are in Germany, I just had to look at some tag clouds. Of course I had to ask a German colleague to translate it for me, but here it goes:

The circled words mean (from top to bottom): “Bitter defeat”, “In the end Spain was better” and “Going forward only with Jogi”. What this last phrase means is that Germans do not blame the coach (Jogi), unlike what happens a lot of times in sports. Rather, the coach has the support of the German citizens, who is going to be an integral part of future matches and championships. Now that the German team is out, who does the German public think will win: Netherlands or Spain? Judging by the tag cloud below, it seems to be Spain (first circle):

What about the English speakers: which of the finalist teams is the most talked about? So far, Spain owns a bit higher share of the conversation, as considered over the course of the past 30 days.

As far as sentiment goes, people love Holland a bit more. The Netherlands garners 53% of the total positive chatter, with 41% of total negative chatter, on a 46% of total conversation. Spain gets 47% of the positive chatter, and 59% of the total negative, on a 54% of the total conversation. Netherlands is definitely the darling of World Cup 2010, but we are not predicting the winner, as I mentioned before — outcome in soccer has nothing to do with social media affinity, but rather skill and experience. Well, maybe a little — strong fandom can certainly boost morale amongst the players, but it’s we are definitely not making predictions based on that. It’s really anyone’s game, and we’ll be sitting back and biting our nails on ¬†Sunday!