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At Last, the World’s First Barcode for Social Media

Today we announced the big game changer in the world of social analytics – the general availability of Attensity Pipeline, the world’s first true real-time semantically annotated social media data stream.

Speaking as someone who’s been in the industry for over a decade: this is the product for which Text Analytics was born. Attensity Pipeline takes hundreds of millions of social messages, “reads” through them to extract all of the places, people, products, companies, events, relationships, feelings and other information contained within the text, and then feeds that rich information in structured JSON to Attensity Analyze, Attensity Respond, and other downstream applications and processes.

Think of it as a unique barcode for every single Tweet, Facebook post, or other social communication out there. Each barcode immediately describes every intricacy of the communication – allowing that communication to freely tell its story, to move where it needs to move, to achieve everything it can achieve, to power some of the most unbelievable advances in every industry.

Attensity Pipeline Topic Creator
The Attensity Pipeline delivers fully annotated social data in seconds.

How do we do this?

We take information from over 150 million social media and online sources, including the full Twitter Firehose, public Facebook and Google Plus posts, blogs, forums, video and review sites, and semantically annotate each one. Then, using the force and power of the world’s broadest suite of text analytics technologies – from keywords to entity extraction to targeted event and relationship extraction to automated classification, Exhaustive Extraction™, application of geotagging, influence scoring, and beyond – to transform the chaos of social chatter into actionable information.

For example, we can take the tweet: I wish I had a Big Mac right now and extract from this that the tweeter has a desire for a McDonald’s product. So a marketing automation provider could use this information to tweet a coupon offer back for a free Big Mac with the purchase of large fries and a Coke.

Or if someone laments in a post: If someone from Sprint doesn’t call me back, I’m switching to AT&T. Attensity would code this as a “conditional intent to churn” and Sprint could immediately reach out, or AT&T could let the poster know about a special offer for current Sprint subscribers.

You see, we don’t just use our technology to simply sift through the data – we actually organize and structure it to make it immediately accessible and useful to your organization. We code EVERY useful entity, relationship, event, and category in a document – not just the items you’re filtering on. This means that you don’t just receive the raw text to manually code or read through, you (and your application) receive something that looks like this:

Imagine what all of this richly annotated data can do for your application or organization. You can feed predictive models in disease control, financial services, politics, and other arenas. You can add all of this newly structured information to a Big Data warehouse like Teradata Aster Data, HP Vertica, or EMC Greenplum, or use it to power marketing automation systems, routing systems, and other applications.

In fact, in the near future we’ll be making some big announcements about organizations already using Attensity Pipeline to do some truly amazing things.

Now, at last, the billions of voices crying out in social media can be heard and understood.

The Big Data game changer has arrived.

How will you use it?