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Swing Voters Were Rooting For the President; Romney Didn’t Lose Ground

The 2nd Presidential Debate last night got off to a quick start. After a few pleasantries, the candidates went straight into making strong points about their positions and criticizing their competitor.  Obama finally mentioned the 47% and saved it for the end and he got the last word.  Social Media shows that Obama won by a hair.  Overall sentiment on Obama was much stronger than Romney across swing states.  Our report on the debate and Presidential Debate Analysis Details 10 2012 can be found here.

Like I did in the VP Debate analysis, I will focus on the swing state Florida as an example.  In Florida like most swing states, the overall sentiment on Obama was positive and much more positive than Romney.  I think swing voters and voters in general wanted to see the President do well.  This is the sentiment chart on social conversations in the swing state of Florida:

When it came to comments and opinions about the debate.  Swing voters who took to social media were complaining about Romney not answering questions and some even questioned his honesty. In the same theme as wanting the President to do well, there were lots of social media “cheers” for Obama. These are the top topics where Florida swing voters discussed each candiate.

But did all of this impact intent to vote? If you download the full report, you will see that in some states it did, but in most the intent to vote is largely the same. While social media active swing voters mention voting for Obama more, overall intent to vote is still up for grabs for swing voters.

Below is an intent to vote chart that shows those in Florida who took to social media during the debate and mentioned an intent to vote. Swing voters did more actively mention they would vote for Obama, but the volumes were fairly low.

So who do you think won this last debate? One more to go…..