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Attensity Analyze for Android and iPad Tablet Computers Available as Free Download in App Store and Google Play Store

I am thrilled to announce the availability of our new Analyze Tablet application for mobile devices as a free download in the App Store and Google Play Store! The new application is a remote client for the Analyze 6.2 SP1 application for tablet computers. Analyze is an enterprise-level text analytics solution that helps companies leverage the voice of the customer (as found in social media, blogs, email, surveys, CRM notes, review sites, and more) as a business asset.

The Analyze Tablet app allows you to use your iPad or Android tablet to view and interact with dashboard data you’ve previously created with Analyze 6.2 SP1. You can use this app to:

• Share insights with colorful visuals.

• Track and analyze ongoing relevant conversations about your brands, products and competitors.

• Identify influential opinion leaders and sources.

• Understand sentiment and issues.

• Keep on top of industry trends.

The application is designed for tablets with large screens (960×720). You must have an Analyze 6.2 SP1 server installed and configured before you can use this app.

The Analyze Tablet application is currently a read-only product. Changes made using the Analyze Tablet app are not currently persisted through to your server.